Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Understand Depression and Suicide

Most people who struggle internally, emotionally, mentally are usually loners. Even around others, they feel out of step somehow because of all the inner turmoil going on in their lives. Truth be told, part of their suffering is because of that loneliness that seems to penetrate the bones and very soul of that person.

There was a time when I was very lonely. I felt unloved and unimportant. During those times, I was extremely depressed and suicidal, looking for a way to escape from myself. That is the secret about suicide. Sure, the people who try or do it are often burdened by both internal and external forces, but it is that pain that never goes away that drives suicidal thoughts. And after awhile, a person begins to feel as if the pain will never end and that they'd rather die than live in the misery they perceive their lives may always be, or rather die than remain the person they think they are now. In short, they become hopeless. They lose the ability to believe anything will ever change for them.

There are probably millions of people who think about suicide each day but keep it to themselves. Mental anguish and emotional pain are not easy to share. But being armed with knowledge, each person can begin to make a difference in the lives around them, enough to help unburden those who feel alone by being open to listen and share with friends and family.

When I first began writing about depression and understanding the illogical thoughts of a suicidal person, people were shocked. They didn't understand how I could open my own life to such harsh criticism. But there never was an option not to because I survived depression and suicide attempts. I lived through it and came out of it by the help of God. How could I not share what has worked for me and, for all intents and purposes, saved my life?

Be sure that as you continue to read and follow this blog, you'll be asked to deal with your own inner pain and once you're healed, you'll then be asked to care enough to offer the answer to someone else. It is a duty for survivors to assist because when we were struggling, there was nothing more desired than loving arms, listening ears, understanding hearts and open minds. Be the answer you sought.

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