Thursday, December 6, 2012

Inner Strength

Inner strength is not always easily harnessed. And to get free of anything, especially abuse, requires a lot of inner strength. When I was young, I saw my mom and grandmother go through abuse. I always derided them for staying. I got older and went through a series of abusive relationships myself and my perspective changed.

Why do we stay with someone who belittle, batter and abuse us? How do we continue to look at that person with love and compassion when they demonstrate hate and disdain for us? How do we choose them over ourselves when clearly they would not do the same for us?

Most abused people are broken on the inside long before their bodies are broken or battered. They often see themselves through the eyes of their enemies and those who deride them rather than through the eyes of faith, the eyes of God or even the eyes of those who truly love them. It's easier sometimes to justify a little fight than to walk away and face life alone. It's easier to question yourself than to confront the abuser. It's easier to show compassion when that's what you want most in the world. But no matter the reason behind it, people endure abusive relationships every day, unnecessarily.

My advice- let go of the false hopes and dreams that cause you to cling to something or someone that is destroying you.

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