Sunday, March 17, 2013

No More Emotional Scars

For those who once believed a lie about themselves, embraced that they were created to be less than average, less than attractive, or completely undesirable, today's post is for you.

When we love someone, whether parent or partner, we give them the power to hurt us deeply. No matter what the experts say, the opinions and views of our loved ones affect us in every area of our lives. And when they abuse us emotionally, we're left vulnerable to outside attacks as well. We all know what can go wrong and how often it does, but here's how to heal.

Knowledge brings power and application of the knowledge brings healing. The fact is, none of us are perfect. The person you spend the most time trying to impress or satisfy is just as imperfect as you are. A healthy relationship understands this and the people in it attempt to elevate each other and become better because of one another. An unhealthy relationship seeks to debase you because of your flaws and failures. Let go of those debasing words you've heard. Stop replaying them in your mind. Stop replaying the video of the ridicule on the faces of those you wanted to believe in you. Instead, look at yourself and for yourself, make the choice to be the best person you can. Love yourself as you come day by day.

There is no formula to make everybody like you. There is no acceptance potions, no way to please everybody any of the time. To live trying to win approval of people is a lifetime in prison, a lifetime without ever embracing your true self. God created you for more, to give you a future and a hope, not to destroy or constrict you. He gave you freedom and if you choose, you can walk in it every day of your life!

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