Saturday, March 2, 2013

Five Great Things Happened

Today I'm sharing five wonderful things that came out of me being abused. Often, people focus only on the pain and agony. I've been guilty of that myself. But today, I want to share the other side. Here are 5 great features of my life, thanks to living through abuse.

1. It taught me friendship. I'm a good friend, kind and attentive, as well as understanding.

2. It taught me to be strong and independent, but made me more grateful for what good others add to my life.

3. It taught me the power of desperation. Through pain, anguish, loneliness, I discovered a faith in God that showed me how to harness all the negative emotions and actions in life and use them.

4. It taught me to write, since often I could never discuss my pain aloud. 

5. And lastly, it gave me a bestselling book and propelled me in the direction of becoming a nationally and internationally published author, which I am.

I'm not saying that I couldn't have gotten these things any other way, but I'm saying that in my life, those five great things came out of all the pain of my childhood. Yes, it was terrible. I was in pain of heart and body. I wanted to give up, just like you. I wanted to die sometimes. Most of you know my story of attempted suicides. But God had a plan to turn the worst the world could throw at me into a blessing for me. And it has been a blessing!

In the years since my book hit the shelves, I've made a lot of money while making a difference in the lives of people I truly care about. I've met people all over the world in person and online. In some places and circles, my name is now like a household name. I've lobbied for various laws, signed hundreds of petitions and spoken at some major events. I count it all a blessing and if I change my past, removing the abuse, it may also change my present and I don't want a thing to change concerning that. Life can hurt, but God is still good. For more inspiration, catch me on Facebook.

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Liberty said...

Those are five great things. Thank you for the reminder. I also have achieved 4 out of those 5. I am content with life as it is now.

You are doing a great job of spreading the word of hope.