Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Interview with Carla Nix on Passion4Life Radio Show

Tonight, even in the midst of my pain and trials, I had such a wonderful interview on Passion4Life with Carla Nix. She is a lovely and powerful woman. To hear the interview about the residue of molestation, please click here.


Carla Y. Nix said...


It was a pleasure having you on the show last night. Thank you for the honor! It was indeed an honor to interview you and present you and the work you're doing to my audience.

It is my prayer, and belief, that many will be blessed because of you.

Thank you!


Lacresha Hayes said...

Thanks so much, Carla. I actually felt strengthened by doing that interview and sharing my heart with you and the listeners. I've gotten a few emails behind it.

God bless you tremendously!

unwriter said...

I'm sorry I missed the show last night, but if it was anything like your blog,it would have been fantastic. Please, keep the faith and keep telling us to do the same. Your struggles have enriched many of us who have endured our own trials by fire.