Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let the Sadness Go and Live Again

From the time he left, she walked away, they betrayed you, since that time you've been walking around with your head down, feeling alone and abandoned. But it is time for you to look up and get up.

No amount of sadness or grieving is going to change what has happened to you. It won't change the mistakes you've made. It won't lift the shame you feel. It will not end the condemnation that is trying to swallow you whole. 

You cannot change a thing that has happened, so why keep trying to atone by walking in depression and misery? Live your life and atone/avenge or whatever you have to do through goodness. Let all the pain make you better. Think of yourself as a diamond, the rougher the circumstances the deeper the dirt, the better the value once you're discovered. And if it takes awhile for someone to notice, you're value will continue to increase. A diamond is a diamond whether it is polished or in the rough. I ask you to choose life and that more abundantly. Choose to live again.

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