Monday, April 15, 2013

3 Tricks to Calming Those Raging Emotions

Have you been an emotional wreck lately? Does it seem you can't find emotional balance? It is a known fact that many former victims of abuse have issues with rage and anger. I'm no exception. Are you looking for a solution? Here are three tricks I use to regain control of my emotions during those trying times.

  1. Walk away and find a quiet spot. Sometimes I keep walking, talking to myself, praying, meditating until I feel the nervous energy leave my body. That nervous energy comes from adrenaline and that isn't the best chemical to be under the influence of when making decisions.
  2. Close the eyes and smile. You may not feel like smiling or closing your eyes. It may not seem convenient to do, but if you do it and maintain it for just a few moments, you'll feel yourself calm down.
  3. Give in to the urge to cry. Sometimes, we rage because we're afraid or ashamed to cry. But tears are not harmful to us and it has a way of washing the soul, purging our spirits of heaviness. So go on and have a good cry and refuse to feel guilty or ashamed. Tears are nature's way of helping us cleanse the inside.
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