Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beauty Can Come from Dysfunction

Out of dysfunction can come joy and beauty unspeakable!

When my son was a baby, I would have never thought that he'd grow up to be so balanced and well-adjusted. He's not any more perfect than anyone else's child, but he's not screwed up or damaged or marred in any way either. With all the trauma we went through together as we grew up together, so to speak, he turned out to be a major blessing, a young man who decided to never become what he'd seen.

Today, I want to encourage you not to allow all the darkness to take your vision. Life will get better for you, but when it's dark, you feel like things will never change. That is the biggest lie. Don't accept it. I remember when I was suicidal, I remember the hopelessness, thinking nothing would ever change. But had I taken my life, I would have missed all the life you see in these pictures in this post. Be encouraged to keep pressing. Stop focusing on all the pain. Stop focusing on all the fake friends, failing family members and bad deeds. Focus instead on what you wish to see, wish to become, hope to accomplish. Let God lead you through the fire and bring you out as pure gold. It can be your reality. Look at me, about to be a granny at age 37 to a fast-growing little boy. Enjoy the photos.

(Tario and his wife, Jemil)

(My little grandson, due in two months)

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