Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Smile Again

It's hard to smile again when you've been hurt by those closest to you. If only I could say that abuse is rare, I'd be happier, but you are not alone. Many people have been verbally, physically and sexually abused by those closest to them. Statistics vary according to studies, but all of them put the estimate over fifty percent. That's a lot of people walking around feeling alienated, shame and hopeless. That's why blogs like this are so important.

Believe it or not, many of the people you know and look up to have been abused. They may never speak of it, but you can find victims everywhere in all social circles and income brackets. While you're walking around feeling like you'll never be happy again, never be productive, never get over what has happened to you, the truth is you're walking beside someone who went through worse and overcame. And guess what, you can overcome too. You can reclaim your life and your happiness. You don't have to hurt forever, nor do you have anything to be ashamed of. It's time to come out of the pits of despair and trust that life can and will get better. You'll smile again and if you're willing, you may help some other victims get over the victim's mentality and live a full, productive life again too.

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