Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Goodreads Review of THE RAPE OF INNOCENCE

Check out what Karen Tims wrote about my book on Goodreads. It's reviews like this that keep me writing and motivating others to tell their stories to set people free, to give voice to their pain.

The Rape of Innocence is a hard book, written from a upfront and in-your-face POV. It lays out a lifestyle that most of society are happy to forget exists.

Mrs. Hayes, minister and activist, put her very career on the line by writing in this style, yet somehow it worked well for the composition of the book. The book begins with Lacresha's struggles as a child without a parent and ends with her victory over sexual assault by a traveling minister. In the in-between, she marries three times, nearly kills her first husband, commits adultery, turns to Christ and away again, and all that before finally coming to terms with who she was created to be.

I have to say, while I fully support this book and the message, it was so graphic that you have to prepare yourself before reading. I didn't do that because I had no idea what I would be in for. If you try to jump right into this book like a novel, the descriptive language will disturb you emotionally. In fact, this is the most haunting book I've ever read!

Find more reviews on Amazon.com and at Goodreads by following the links. This book is for sale in the sidebar. Your purchases and word-of-mouth are appreciated and help to get the message out to those who need healing. Thank you.

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