Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Abuse Inspiration

For those who have been victimized, today I want to give you a little inspiration for healing.

The first thing I had to understand about abuse is that the why it happened isn't the immediate question we need an answer to. The first thing you have to ask yourself and answer for yourself is "Do I want to survive this?"

If your answer is yes, you're already way ahead of the crowd. Most people want life to stop when tragedies happen. Nevertheless, the sun keeps rising and setting and life goes on for everyone. Why not allow yourself to be able to move beyond the senselessness of abuse? So this is what you should tell yourself everyday:

~ I want to survive, therefore I will.
~ I want to grow better and not bitter, therefore I will.
~ Nevertheless, God is in control, therefore I CAN do all the things I desire to do regardless of the pain.

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Lizzie Mac said...

I love this post, Lacresha. I shared a link to this blog. I feel it should be promoted more with such awesome posts and such an important topic.