Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flawed Vision

Isn't it amazing that the most sturdy dependable things in life are not those things made by man's imperfect hands? No, the most dependable things in this world are those things fashioned by the hand of God. It is HIS perfect nature to engineer flawlessness.

Now some of you are looking at yourself and seeing yourself as irreparably flawed. The problem is, you are looking through flawed eyes with a flawed understanding. So how can you, with your limited knowledge, ever fully understand the true will of the Creator and why HE fashioned you, flaws and all?

PEOPLE, we are only human. We don't have even a fraction of the knowledge that God possesses and our time here is too short to even ferret out a pattern in God's workings. The best thing we can do is trust Him. We have to have faith that all things are working together, even the most painful things imaginable, for our good and HIS glory.

Imagine this with me- what if I'd never been raped or molested? What if my dad had actually stayed around, married my mom and they raised me up in a whole home? What if my grandmother had never been illiterate? Well, I venture a guess that all the good works I've been able to do would have never happened. For that reason, I sincerely thank everyone who has ever caused me pain. Now, I see a small glimpse of that scripture coming to pass in my life, but GOD saw it all all along.

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