Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Heal Layers of Pain

Sometimes, there can be so many layers of pain in our lives that we have a hard time distinguishing what is really going on with us. We have those days when everything bothers us, everyone annoys us, and in truth there is no reason for us to be bothered or annoyed. But some trigger was touched somewhere and we've not yet figured out what trigger these depressive episodes.

When it comes to healing, our bodies grow a scab to protect from further injury and then begins the process of inner healing. That hard patch on the outside not only provides some level of protection from outer elements, but also keeps the white blood cells the body dispatches to that area where they need to be and protected. Sometimes, the same happens in our hearts, but with different consequences. See in the natural, that scab has a certain timeframe to occupy that space, normally until the inside is healed and closed. But in our hearts, sometimes we tend to hold on to hardness and embrace it like a friend. We grow cold and despondent. We become angrier and angrier and all that hatred and frustration turns to wreak havoc upon us and those around us.

We need to learn how to go through the various stages of pain and work through them so that we can grieve over hurt and lost and then move on. Otherwise, we victimize ourselves over and over again by blocking our own happiness.

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M. Scle said...

Your post has really provided me with some handy tips on how to heal my pain and i will definitely try them out as they seem nice bit of suggestion to me.