Monday, March 23, 2009

A Tear Jerker

Yesterday, a friend wrote me. We've been online friends for the better of four years. We talk almost everyday. I had no earthly idea she'd been sexually and physically abused. She purchased my book a couple of weeks ago. So, here's what she wrote...

Sorry it took so long to get a copy of your book. To be honest, I was afraid to get it. I was afraid to deal with the issue of abuse. You know I hate gettting emotional. It makes me feel unstable. I've had the book for two weeks. I've been finished with it for one week. That's why I haven't written over this past week. I didn't know what to say. You know how I feel about anything religious. Much of it is written from a perspective I can't understand. This time was different. Anyway, I won't go into my story. It's probably just like everyone else's story. I was molested. I married a suited hood. He beat me black and blue throughout our marriage. He caused me to have several miscarriages. Finally, I came out of the marriage with a physically disabled child and with loss of sight in one eye. I went from that to women. I had a lover who also abused me, took my money, abused my son. I went from that to drugs. I released the drugs three years ago. I never hoped to have a man or woman in my life any more. I don't like either one, but your book gave me hope to maybe give God a try. I'm still undecided so please, no pressure. I'll write you back when I'm ready. I love you, girl.


Sliding on the Edge said...

How many stories are there about this kind of abuse, I wonder? Books on the topic are a great source of help, and I'll bet you will hear from a lot of people who have this pain inside.

I'm putting your book on my buy list and look forward to reading it.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to the lesbian part. I turned to women after being physically abused for more than 13 years at the hands of my live in boyfriend. I met a lady who was very loving to me. She died not long ago. I don't really like women as much as I like how women are more caring. Women know how to nurture other women.

Clara Harris said...

Sometimes, people ignore signs and symptoms. Most people do what they do because they've been hurt... no other reason. I'm very proud of you for standing up for those who don't have a voice, Lacresha.