Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Difference Between Is and Like

The very nature of mankind is to misunderstand because we're too quick to use our imaginations instead of our intellect. That's the norm for nearly everyone. Recently, I found out that imagination can destroy good people.

My grandmother used to tell me all the time that there is a difference between what is and what seems like. Like deals in similiarities while is deals in facts. I've been scandalized recently, both me and my husband. People say we are (is) scams and criminals. People say the company is (is) bogus. People accuse us of all sorts of horrible things because of what it looks like (like). Most people feel that if it looks like a dog then it is indeed a dog, which is never true. There are dogs that look like wolves and wolves that look like dogs. What is my point?

In all that I've done online from start to finish, I've never, ever lied about myself or my husband in any way. I live my life as an open book because everything I do ties into ministry for me. I've never said I'd lived a clean life all my life. Indeed, even in my book, I talk about the troubles I've been in. I talk about the bad decisions I made. I talk about how the love of God redeemed me from them all so that I can boldly say that since God entered my life until today, I've continuously became a better person. I've continuously became a standard for Him and His own glory.

When I came back online after being away for only 3 weeks, I came back on to find that the business I built and handed over to my husband's capable hands was being destroyed by vicious rumors and gossip with small portions of truth mixed in. I found out that the work I was doing with young children who'd been molested and/or raped was being affected because someone decided to write everyone they could to say I was a crook and liar. Imagine the shock of children who have been crying out for someone, anyone to write them and care about them. I came back online to find that the work I do for battered and mentally abused women was jeopardized. Now, they are more concerned with if I'm going to ask them for something down the line. Now, they feel I can't possibly be doing all this out of the goodness of my heart. Even though I've never made a dime doing either of these things, people are wondering if one day they'll let their guards down and I'll start asking for stuff because a very unreal and unfair picture was painted of me.

I was gone three weeks and in that time, I had almost 30,000 unanswered emails, mostly from children wanting to know why someone would say such mean things about me. I had to ask myself the same question. Why would people automatically assume that people are naturally crooked unless they themselves are naturally crooked? I believe the biggest factor is the internet. There are things people will say and do online because they never have to "face" the person they are doing them to. To them, it's just a screen name. It's a big show of courage from cowards. The internet is so impersonal that people don't consider that they are capable of ruining lives. If it had been just my life, I'd have been fine with that. My life is in no jeopardy of being ruined. All any gossiper, liar, or troublemaker can do in my life is ruin the lives of those who look to me for strength. I'm always covered and always in check.

There is a difference between like and is. Though it may seem like Lensey and Lacresha Hayes are going under, the truth is we are only going up. It may seem like Living Waters Publishing Company is going out of business, but the truth is it will still be around when my children's children grow up. God promised it to me and no matter how bad things get, I know it will be so. I don't wage a war against any, but I put it in the hands of the Father. For some, that may sound cliche, but for me, that's all I have. I don't have enough riches to trust in. I don't have enough friends who care, but I have a God who I live my life to please. So while it may seem like this is the end, it is only the beginning!

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Anonymous said...

I can't speak for no body else, but I be dead if it was not for you. I was depressed most of my life. I did not think I would ever stop struggling with life. I did not want to live no more. I wanted to die and have no more pain. You helped me out and your book gave me strength. You always wrote me back and I know I wrote you a lot. If you have an enemy then they are my enemy too because I love you and I love what you done for me. My daughter and I smile now and I am getting better every day.