Friday, October 3, 2008

Low No More

When you go through some things in life, you come out feeling low. Sometimes, you get so used to being low that you'd rather than try to be happy just to have the bubble pop on you and bring you right back down.

I remember a time when depression seemed to be my friend. I didn't want anyone to cheer me up because it always hurt worst to be happy and then sink into the depths of hell in a matter of moments. I tried everything to find some way to stabilize my emotions. I tried medication that only made me feel like a shell. I tried relationships that caused me to hurt others who only wanted to love me. I tried partying but the high was only short-lived.

In the beginning, it didn't even seem that Jesus Christ had the power to stop me from going through my emotional hell. He does, but his power works through us. It works in us deciding that we won't settle for less than what He's promised us. He promised us joy and peace. By golly, I demand myself to walk in that everyday. It isn't easy. After all, I spent more than 20 years going through ups and downs so quickly that it made my own head spin.

Today, you have to choose stability in Christ too. You have to choose to take command over your life again. You have to view your pain like you'd view a day that it rained when you were a child. It rained then. There was nothing you could do about it, but it isn't going to stop me from enjoying the sunshine. Hallelujah! Don't you dare sit there and die because all hell has broke loose in your life over and over again. You get up and enjoy every moment that isn't filled with hell. You get up and decide that you must be something of a super emotional hero because you've been through demonic psychological warfare and came out the other side. Survival is only survival if you can say I still have control and I exercise it in commanding my life to line up with what God promised me... peace and joy!

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unwriter said...

Thank you! Now I know why I was on the road that I was on. I've never denied there was a God, yet I never admitted it either. I moved in with a friend. During that time, they somehow brought God back into my life. I don't know how and neither do they. It doesn't matter. I spent countless years suffering from depression. My life was a roller coaster. Without realizing it, First I found God and realized what is meant by having faith. I learned to trust, believe in and finally listen. I did what I was told and got on meds. It took time but I am never going back to what I was.

This post just explained to me how that all came together. Thank you