Monday, September 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged - Again, This Time By Ron Berry

So, I'm supposed to tell you guys six things about myself on this blog. Ron Berry, the Surreal Writer, tagged me. Let's see what I can think of.

1) I'm a survivor of sexual abuse that stretched over my entire childhood.

2) I've been a minister of the Gospel for seven years, and I'm licensed and ordained

3) I teach protocol at church, something I hate, but happen to be GREAT at. How does that work?

4) Most people around me think I'm kind of mean, very outspoken, and a bit intimidating, however, I have the voice of a 12 year old. It just won't change. LOL! So, how does that work?

5) I call my best friends about once a month. That's why they are still my best friends. LOL! I'm really a loner and appreciate my personal time.

6) I want nine more children. Actually, we have 9 little embryos frozen in Louisiana. I just KNOW that we have 5 girls and 4 boys. Here are the names, thus far. We're still lacking a few.

~ Solandra Cheyenne Hayes
~ Falon Santana Hayes
~ Sabrya Annalyse Hayes
~ Connor Christopher Hayes
~ Caleb
~ Cole
~ Nicolas

We're always open for tips.

Now, I tag the following people:

Vicky Warren

The rules:
Now, if you’ve been tagged with the meme game from twitter, you must post 6 things no one knows about you on your BLOG.
Then you have to tag about 6 more people (don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged.) Leave me a message letting me know that you’ve accepted the tag.

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unwriter said...

You've not only been tagged but you're featured tomorrow on my blog,
Actually your other half is first, but you're up right after.