Saturday, March 30, 2013

Can You See?

Can you see yourself smiling, happy with who you have become? Can you see yourself peaceful, finally content with the life you're living? It's important that you see it if you hope to achieve it.

The life you live can be whatever you want it to be. You can't control who wants to be a part of it always. You can't choose what others do, but you can control how you respond to the actions of those around you. You can choose to settle differences in life quickly. You can choose to forgive quickly. You can choose to live an unburdened life by unloading the weights and refusing to walk in bondage to anything, including anger and bitterness.

Can you see yourself free? I can. I am. I choose it today and each day and so I am as free as my imagination, as free as my heart, as free as Christ died to make me. Want more inspiration for daily living? Check me out at Officially Lacresha Hayes.

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