Thursday, August 5, 2010

Domestic Violence Excuses

There are some people who find reasons to stay with an abuser. Some women are literally afraid for their lives. They are afraid to stay, but more afraid to leave. Some are afraid for their children. Some don't believe they can live without the person in their lives. And this list can get very long... it goes on and on.

I want to encourage those who are in abusive relationships today. No, it isn't easy to leave. No, it might not automatically get better for you as soon as you leave the person who is hurting you. However, you need to love you enough to save yourself from the hands of someone who obviously doesn't know what love is. You can't stay for the children because children from abusive homes fare much worse than those from single parent homes. You can't stay out of fear because there is no safety there for you anyway. You can't stay for financial security because money can't make up for all the damage being done to you that may well be irreparable. 

Don't keep excusing your abuser with reasons to continue being his victim. I know these are just words on a screen and you have to live your life, but being controlled, manipulated and mishandled isn't living. That's not the kind of life you want, I'm sure.
You don't need an abuser in your life.

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authorkathyeberly said...

This is an excellent post. It's true. People stay. For me, the moment that made me finally leave was realizing what I was losing by staying. My worst bad day now is still better than my best good day with my former abuser.