Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sharing My Secret~ How I Feel About My Book

Today is one of those days when I feel like being transparent. So here's the truth. I love my book, and all the success it has brought my way. I love helping other people, but it seems no matter how many other books I write and what else I do, The Rape of Innocence is consuming my life. People don't see me as an entrepreneur, or ordained minister, or teacher. Most people see me as a spokesperson for victims of abuse and sometimes, especially when I'm battling my own issues with my past, I want to be anything but that.

I guess you could say I'm starting to have a love/hate relationship with the book. Sometimes, I want to rewrite it and take out some of the details, because being home I'm attacked about it so often. Other times, I feel like just pulling it off the shelves altogether, but just when I tire of it most, someone writes me and tells me how it changed their lives, how they cried all the way through the book, how they chose life again, how they were pulled back from the brink of depression. I read those letters and emails, take a deep breath and say "SO BE IT" to myself.

Don't ever think this is easy for me. I don't always like to answer questions about my horrific past, but I ALWAYS love to make a difference in the lives of others. So, pray for me. I need the strength of the Lord because the weight of sexual abuse and domestic violence can get heavy sometimes.

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Carolyn said...

Be encouraged, girlfriend. Your fight is not in vain.