Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Doing What You Know

I know that there are millions of self-help books on the market. You can find a book on anything from marriage to money to celibacy. They are all out there. There are some people who grab these books, absorb the new material and immediately put it to work. There are others who read and understand the books, but find it difficult to institute new patterns in their thinking or behavior. For those who don't have that problem, thank God, but for those who do, what can they do?

I am often asked for some insider tips on getting over the pain of abuse or neglect. There really are not any insider tips. The truth is, it's going to hurt and it will be difficult and it may take a lifetime of dedication to truly own your life again. The deeper the wound and the longer it festers in silence, often the longer the healing process. Many times, people want an easier way to deal with their issues. They don't want to deal with that intense pain and all those feelings, but there's no easy and pain-free way.

If you are going to pick up books to help you think better, do better, be better, then be prepared for the pain of change, rather your issue is abuse, neglect, bad habits, whatever. Change can hurt, but you have to be patient and stick with it. Do what you know! Getting past the pain requires you to stop walking according to your feelings. You must rely on truth and not emotions. Deal with your emotions, bring them under your control with what you know is true.

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