Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lost Someone to Violence

Last week, I met a lady from Memphis who wanted a copy of my book. She wanted help but didn't know how to ask for it or receive it. Anyway, I just got word that she's dead, accidental, but dead anyway. Her boyfriend pushed her too hard and she hit her head and died.

We cannot help her, but we can help you. PLEASE, if you're in an abusive relationship, contact someone and don't stop until you get some help. Leave, even if it means going to a shelter or back home to family. Your mate doesn't have to be trying to kill you for you to die from an attack. Remember the 800 numbers and websites. These places exist only for you. Don't become another statistic.

For immediate help, dial 911. Otherwise, please use the free services available to you.

Domestic Violence Hotline in the US: 1-800-799-7233


Danielle Calhoun said...

I was once in an abusive relationship, and everytime I tried to get out, or get help, it backfired on me. Not even the security guard at my apartment complex at the time did anything to stop my ex fiance of 3 years from hurting me, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It breaks my heart to hear about this poor woman! I hope to God that tbe baby is given to someone who will care for it. That man needs to be arrested, and never let out until his lesson has been learned!

I wrote about my abuse at:


unwriter said...

yes!!! Not only do you want out of this type of situation but for those of us that aren't, we must be willing to help those that are. We cannot stand by and watch this violence continue. Leave! If you have kids, leave anyway then once you're out, you can return with the police to get the kids. They will then take you to a protected shelter. At that point file what paperwork that is needed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lacresha - I know that must pain you - it pains me just to read about it and reinvigorates my anger at men like that. What a waste. I'm getting sick to my stomach.

DV Abolitionist said...

I'm not seeing where this is truly accidental if he pushed her too hard? He was abusing her, and if he hadn't touched her in a way he shouldn't have to begin with, she wouldn't be gone from us.
Please, any victim or survivor, reach out for help! Get support! There are so many places on the web now that are safe to go too, please, do so! You don't have to be alone!
Too many times us as victims want to wait and see, what we don't realize at the time is that we may not have much time to do so. Time is not on our side as a victim. If you don't get help one place, go somewhere else! Call anyone you have too! Call the hotlines, there are some wonderful women on the other end of the line that DO care! Above all, think smart and stay safe!
Dani, Thank You for writing about your abuse! I know it's hard, but it just could save a life!
Unwriter, remember, there are many out there that are willing to support you, and would love your support! You are NOT alone!
Mr. Wilson, we need more men like you! Please, don't stay silent, we need men to speak out!
~Angel Hugs~
Founder of

Lacresha on Writing, Women and Wisdom said...

I'm with you, Tracy. It isn't really an accident, but from my understanding he's not going to be charged with murder or whatever because they were wrestling over his keys and he pushed her away. I guess she was going to take the car and kid and leave.

That's another problem many victims go through. They own nothing. They allow the men to control too much of the money and things. So, if you up and leave in a vehicle or try to put someone out, the car or apartment isn't yours. I learned to always put something back just my own personal emergency. I teach that to people too.