Monday, February 8, 2010

Tribute to My Husband, LENSEY C HAYES

I don't get to talk about my husband often on this blog, which is a shame because he's helped me heal in more ways than I could probably ever mention. He has been such a blessing to me from God. His patience and love has shown me the true heart of God.

I'd like to encourage women who are married to patient men who truly love them to continue allowing them to love you. Don't fight them. Let them do what God told them to do, which is love their wives like Christ loved the church, giving himself for it. Thank you, Lord, for sending me an obedient man.

All the best on your birthday, sweetheart! We are far apart, but I appreciate who you and what you have been in my life from day one until now, whether I was right or wrong, up or down. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LENSEY!

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