Friday, October 16, 2009

Silence Empowers the Abuser

Regardless of what form of abuse you've suffered, your silence is how your abuser is empowered. Being abused takes a lot out of a person, especially when there is an emotional aspect (being raped by close family or friends; battered by a husband; verbally abused by a boyfriend). Nevertheless, we have to choose to speak out about it. Otherwise, we empower them to do it to us again, or to others if we leave.

Fact is, most men who beat their wives get away with it for so long because the wives choose to keep silent. Sometimes it's because of embarrassment; sometimes because of misplaced loyalty; sometimes out of fear. Whatever the reason, we clam up about it.

Let's unite and be the voice for those who haven't found the inner strength to speak out. Let's show them there's nothing to fear, be embarrassed of and no honor in allowing a person to misuse us.

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