Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Kids Pay the Price

When a home is torn up by fighting, it is the children who pay the greatest price. Some people quickly advocate leaving the relationship, but I try to tell people to never allow their relationships to slip into such a horrible pit that they can no longer be civil with one another. It's a horrible place to be.

Remember your children the next time you see your spouse. Remember that the person you're currently angry with helped you make those beautiful little smiling faces. If you can't love the spouse for that, at least respect him/her for it.


Lindylou said...

your twitter said it looks like tonight is going to be a long night. I hope you are not in this situation of fighting. I am praying for you to press into God.

Nichole Osborn said...

Is everything alright? I will be praying for you.

Lacresha on Writing, Women and Wisdom said...

I'm fine. The neighbors were fighting and I kept hearing the baby crying. Thanks for the concern though.